Leopold Notker (WIP)

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Leopold Notker (WIP)

Post by QwokADile on Sat May 12, 2018 8:11 pm

Leopold Notker

"Magic is a gift from god. Not a way of becoming one."

Status Sheet

Height: 5'11"

Weight:91kg (200 lbs)


Eye Color:Blue

Hair Color: Oak Brown

Physical Status:Alive and Well

Mental Status:Neutral

Character Traits & Skills

Trait #1:Was Adept in Alteration Leopold spent most of his time in the church in his youth, who looked after him when his father was out drinking or drunk, the church employed mages to assist in the enchanment and making of runes to protect the church from unholy evils. Leopold soon was trained as a Enchanter assistant, and learned how to make runes to counter the undead and minor demons. However his father soon passed and Leopold soon left the town and made some money as a travelling enchanter, however he soon caesed his ways to serve the church as a minister.

Trait #2:Was Novice in conjuration Leopold was trained in basic conjuration inorder to understand what made the undead work, and how people can use other summoned creatures, however to ensure he could never summon creatures himself the church cut runes into his hand which meant he could never use Conjuration, although painful Leopold still felt as though it was fair, as his strong believe in god and his servents made almost blind to any other view.

Trait #3:Zealous Leopold was raised in the church and by the church, his faith in god was once unbreakable, but over time he has lost faith in the church and believes that they are too affected by corruption and power. Leopold still believes that should there be intervention then they can be saved.


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