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Madec Ironsung

Post by Sean on Sat May 12, 2018 9:14 pm

Madec Ironsung

" 'Nough gabbin', get'tae work!"

Status Sheet

Height: 3'8

Weight: 39kg

Build:Bulky, Muscular

Eye Color:Mud-Brown

Hair Color: Brownish Black

Physical Status: Healthy

Mental Status: Healthy

Character Traits & Skills

Smith: The Dwarf was born into a long line of Dwarvern smiths. As such, they are a skilled smith themself: From shields to swords, boots to a tasset: You wont get higher quality gear anywhere, if you give him his time to work.

Hearty: They're a tough lad, and it takes a lot to get them down: Be it a rainstorm, or the undead bashing at his front door: He'll keep right on laughing and drinking.

Hammerdwarf: Trained in the use of a smiths hammer for bashing metal, the Dwarf soon after began developing combat techniques: Whether utilizing a smithing hammer, or a full-sized (for a dwarf) warhammer, the dwarf feels at home.

Honorbound: Challenge them to a fight, and they will accept.


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