Kirima Winterseeker

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Kirima Winterseeker

Post by Banditofdoom on Sun May 13, 2018 11:52 pm

Kirima Winterseeker

"Nature blesses those who respect it."

Status Sheet


Weight:200 pounds


Eye Color:Green

Hair Color:Brown

Physical Status:Perfectly Healthy

Mental Status:Perfectly Healthy

Character Traits & Skills

Magical Attunement: Naturalist

Trait #1:Expert Herbalism Picking and identifying the right herb is invaluable knowledge!

Trait #2:Expert Alchemy Using said herb to make potions is even better knowledge!

Trait #3:Novice Staff Fighting You do not always need magic to win a battle.

Trait #4:Adept Druidism Using Mother Natures Blessings Effectively.

Trait #5:Adept Arcane Magic Using The Arcane To Channel The Elements


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