Brozic Hutveko of Salus, the Blacksmith

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Brozic Hutveko of Salus, the Blacksmith

Post by Iggy on Mon May 14, 2018 12:05 am

Brozic Hutveko


Status Sheet

Height: 6'8

Weight: 300lbs

Build: Stocky, muscle-fat.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Physical Status: Recent claw marks on face, battle trophy scars on torso.

Mental Status: Grumpy Healthy

Character Traits & Skills

Single Goal: Brozic is simple, all he wishes is for Salus to be safe.

Stubborn: Brozic is usually against new ideas, and requires heavy convincing.

Loyal: Those who prove their worth towards Salus and her people become a brother to Brozic.

Non-trusting: The blacksmith is hard to trust those who are near him. The common way to get good with him is to fight by his side.

Impatient: He either rushes into the fight or rushes a customer to finish a transaction.

Old: Brozic is a middle-aged man, rare for someone of his previous profession. He's starting to feel his age.

Stoic: He rarely speaks aloud unless required. If he does, he mostly speaks in short sentences.

Battle-boister: Once in battle, the blacksmith continuously yells out insults and battle charges."


Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family


The Baron - "The great Lord. Served under him. Still do.

The Squire - "Boy sees me as a father figure. Throws himself into battle. Noble turned warrior."

Watchman Iron - "Brother in arms."

The Demon - "Done right by Salus. He'd better continue."

Oliver - "Shares my distrust of magics. Treats burns well."

Mathias the Werewolf - "The boy says he has perished. I hope I see him again, so that I may crush the treasonous thief."

Zergath the Necromancer - "Coward who hides behind the dead. Harbinger will taste his blood, show him the Hell of the of Lich I've slain.

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