Zergath The Undying - Your local Big Bad

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Zergath The Undying - Your local Big Bad

Post by DonutMan on Mon May 14, 2018 2:11 am


"My rule shall extend across the world. And no mortal shall stop me from it."

(One of his more favorite bodies to encompass.)

Status Sheet


Weight: Practically non-existent

Build: Bones

Physical Status: Either a rotting corpse, or an already rotted skeleton. (Usually the Latter)

Mental Status: Mad for power. Being the big bad.

Other Quotes:
"Undead are pawns, but useful ones. I have given them purpose. Rather than rot away, their souls inhabit their bodies once more, to do what they could not have in life."

"I have given the dead a purpose. Why use the living to die in wars, when there is a fresh army simply waiting below the soil?"

"Humanity in its current purpose is a mistake. And I shall make it anew."

"I will not be halted by mortal fleshlings and their innocent view of 'morality'."

Character Traits & Skills

Master Necromancer/Chaos: Zergath has had years to practice his most favored art, the one of his patron. Able to raise legions on command, or drain the very life and soul out of the living should he so wish it. Being his first school of magic to delve into, it is no doubt his go-to favorite for the power it brings.

Master Eldritch: Dealing with many different types of foes, those who have magic on their side is are one of the few enemies he has to remain noted of. Swordsman can be overrun, but magic may be shot around. His next school helped him cement his power, being able to 'dispel' the magic of lesser beings with ease.

Master Psionic: Though his mental state and lust for power has deteriorated much of his mind, his paranoia kept him well enough to prepare for any mental attacks. While not using it offensively as he should, it remains well for defensive and the occasional prodding of his enemies.

Expert Electromancer: Not his preferred method of choice, but the art of electrical magic had become useful. If nothing else, it provides a nice show for lesser beings to know of his power, as who can deny the power of wielding lightning.

Patient: Zergath is in no rush to complete his plans. Hours, days, years for his plans to formulate are of no consequence. He has no biological timer to watch out for, and as long as he is skilled enough to stop him from being killed, will not have any problem with waiting for a wrench in his schemes to handle itself out.

Ego: As one would expect, with such power comes a mighty ego to boast with it. While he is not openly stating of himself to anyone who comes along, it does show in his mannerisms. Everything from his absolute lust for the world to him waltzing down to a group of mages who scorn him.

Master of Undeath: Years of research and devotion to the dark magics and evils of the world have given him the ritual to bypass death itself. Whether this is from the gift of the god, or his own dark rituals and findings is unknown. Regardless of where it came from, he has no permanent body, leaving killing him to be quite a task.


Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family


Everyone - Fleshings to the slaughter.

'Ahriman': An upstart mage. While powerful, it is merely the demon within him that poses any true threat, or interest. Without that, he is nothing more than annoyance who insists on wasting my time. Constantly.

'The Apprentice': An ally of this 'Ahriman'. A few stabs at my body was... interesting, but that is about as far as he goes. If he is anything like the fire mage, he would prove to be another upstart for me to observe.

The Druid: Despite all previous arrangements, one of the few I have to actually worry for. His knowledge of the world is comprehensive, and is one of the few I may have to account in my plans. For now, we remain as we are.

'The Baron': The pile of filth who had already escaped my clutches once before. I burn one of his lands to the ground and he simply runs to host a new one. His corpse shall be the first line in my legion when he falls.

Will do specifics some other time. Or never. Who knows.

The start of Zergath has been lost in time. He is far out of this age, far past his expiration date, and no doubt any traces of him removed on purpose. Whispers and stories of necromancers vying for power above death have come and gone from village to village, and trying to pin any one on Zergath would be a fool's errand.

However, for the sake of the tale, Zergath was born to a noble house. Oscardian Fornice was a simple boy, magically intuned and well gifted in many arts. A curious one, if nothing else. Curious enough to explore into the darker reaches of the world. Behind closed doors and late at night, he practiced the dark arts. Something was so satisfying having the power to give life. A power only the gods would have. Should have. And perhaps that's what enticed him most of all. His studies were kept in secret. Power... that the Gods held.

Or so he thought. As any dark magic would, the powers in his hand twisted him. He believed to have been called upon the God of Death, Koros, himself. Ramblings of a lunatic, or actually chosen, is up to debate. But regardless, Koros had promised him more power, should he serve him. And so, he did. Leaving his home behind to establish a place of worship in the outskirts of the forest. Through guile, he found potentials within the neighboring villages, and those who suspected too much were ousted in Koros' name. After all, what better way to have a promised afterlife, than to worship and please a God that ruled over death?

His powers began to grow, as did his studies. He became the ring leader of an ever-growing cult, not only to Koros, but to him now. He became 'the chosen' in their eyes, the mortal who would bring death to all. To die by him was an honor higher than living. This wasn't without its setbacks. Villagers rebelled against the cult, armies sent forth to eradicate worship. But with every death that came on either side, gave more power to the ever-growing necromancer. The cult of Koros began to shift as the newly dubbed 'Zergath' became more and more powerful, raising a legion of dead soldiers against the very kingdom they died for.

The Cult of Zergath was born. His might razed towns, butchered populations for the festering army. It was sometimes dubbed 'the Horde' to those unknowing. Albeit fitting, given the amount of shuffling corpses. Yet, Zergath was going to be stopped by the very thing he controlled. Death. His studies went from organizing onslaughts and running ruin to finding a way to bypass death. The Cult was diminished, its once prominent status years ago reduced to a scary bedside tale for children of the evils that once roamed the land, stopped by the glorious Knights defending the walls.

The Cult had diminished itself. Members executed. A select few went off to hiding as Zergath vied for a solution to his own mortality. To those who served under him, he claimed his discovery on the blessing of Koros. To his own, he found his solution after experimentation on experimentation. His own mind tapped into body after body, each without decay. Given life by a part of his soul to hold his mind.

With a newfound fervor, and mortality gone, Zergath conducted his operations in secret. Recruitment. Indoctrination. Being 'immortal' only furthered his follower's devotion as they joined. The Cult of Zegrath has slowly risen once again. It's members having a trade-off. Less mortals, and more undead. But an acceptable trade-off to say the least.

And now, the rumors of 'the Horde', or at least the bounds of flesh and bone that stain the land have returned. Once again, the immortal mage spearheads the entrapment and indoctrination of the land. His forces already spreading its unruly corruption around. And without death to stop him, Zergath has nothing more to worry of.

OOC NOTE: The man is obviously the big bad. If any of this seems like its stereotypical of being your 'big bad backstory', it's because it's meant to be. He's meant to be the 'world is coming' bad man that at least everyone can rally against (Or join with), and provide a good face to an enemy that the world has in common.

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Re: Zergath The Undying - Your local Big Bad

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Should specify Meygroot and his master Wink


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