Sir Valan Kerrow, Knights Templar

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Sir Valan Kerrow, Knights Templar

Post by Sean on Wed May 16, 2018 9:25 pm

Sir Valan Kerrow

"Face my holy blade, tonight. Those who sin shall fall."

Status Sheet

Height: 6'10

Weight: 79kg

Build: Heavyset, Muscle-Bound

Eye Color: Greyish-Brown

Hair Color: Grey

Physical Status:Peak of Health

Mental Status: Deus Vult

Character Traits & Skills

Holy Magic: An Adept in holy magic, Ahriman may want to avoid this Knight Templar.

Eldrich Magic: An Adept in Eldrich magic, mages in general may want to avoid the Knight Templar.

Arcane Magic: A requirement to all magic, the Templar is an Expert.

Templar: Trained in anti-mage combat, along with combating demons and undead-- This man is an expert purifier.

Holy Man: When not busy, will be found praying.


Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family


Bad guy - Fuck you!


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