The Keeper Of The Forest/Jeffery Nash

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The Keeper Of The Forest/Jeffery Nash

Post by WoofityWoofieWoof on Thu May 17, 2018 4:33 pm

The Keeper Of The Forest/Jeffery Nash

"I am the Forest, and the Forest is me."


Status Sheet

Height: 5"6

Weight: 124 lbs

Build: Weak yet agile body

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Light Gray

Physical Status: Healthy

Mental Status: Sane, yet known insane to others.

Character Traits & Skills

Trait #1: Able to bind with the powers of nature to survive, and summon animals to aid him in need for defense.

Trait #2: Made specifically to make peace with trespassers, and the forest.


Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family


Conrad - Family, yet he claims to not remember who I am.

Selvalaren - A druid being like me, I am aware of his intentions to protect the forest as I do aswell...

Merek Robles - A boy that would soon be a king, yet overthrown... I feel sorry for him...

Baron Evan Robles - I wish to meet this man who made a home for his own civilians... I cannot help him...

'Ahriman' The Red - A wizard that only means to kill the evil lingering in me...

The Blackguard - They are corrupt, and do not have the great strength to defeat Zergath, they are blinded by the need of preparation yet they do not wish to hear the legend.

Zergath - A lingering evil inside me, he will die for harming those who protect the lands, and those who have fought to protect themselves.


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