'Ahriman' The Red

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'Ahriman' The Red

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"I once brought the world to ruin... I shall do the same to you."

Status Sheet

Height: 6;4

Weight: 185

Build: Ectomorph

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: White

Physical Status: Alive

Mental Status: Deteriorating

Age: 40 Chronological.

Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Character Traits & Skills

STRENGTH TRAITS: For every strength, there is a weakness...

Trait #0: 'Ahriman' is a Master in the field of Arcane Magic; He has been a Mage for effectively his entire life. His survival up until this point has been contingent on control of his mana pool, and the arcane energy associated with it.  He possesses an extremely vast mana pool that is bristling with arcane power, having no issue creating spells of a powerful level.

Trait #1: 'Ahriman' is an Expert Level Fire Mage. Having been born with a large mana pool, and a connection to this element, fire magic is an extension of his very being. It is his bread and butter, his go to, so to speak. In addition, following a ritual to Kasai, 'Ahriman' is now ATTUNED WITH FIRE, it glowing a natural blue passively. This presents him with a +10 modifier for use, but degrades his other skills by a value of -5. Such is the price of power.

Trait #2: 'Ahriman' is an Adept level in the school of Psionics. Over time, Ahriman learned how to manipulate the minds of men. Not by "brute force" so to speak, but by whispers in their very psyche. While he certainly can outright control the minds of lesser mortals, those who possess a strong mana flow, or increased powers of will are far harder, and have a negative multiplier associated with them. He excels at playing the "long game", having his enemies doubt themselves over time, to such an extent, where eventually they become pawns in his game.

Trait #3: 'Ahriman' is an Novice Level Conjurer. He possesses the ability to summon basic weaponry and armor.

Trait #4: 'Ahriman' is a Trained Level Alterer. Having been born with a strong connection to the arcane, Ahriman possesses the ability to utilize Alteration to ignite weapons conjured or held in fire. This is the only skill he knows (or cares to learn) in this specific school.

Trait #5: 'Ahriman' is Zealous; having been persecuted in his village of birth for being "unnatural" as a result of a magical connection, he sees such inequality and injustice everywhere he goes, and not just with magic. He seeks to rule not out of a lust for power, but a belief, realistic or not, that he can make the world perfect. He is willing to do anything to achieve this goal, the ends definitely justify the means to him. In the time of old, the Elves referred to him as "Et flamma profana" The Unholy flame. 

Trait #6: 'Ahriman' is "possessed"; A demon by the name of 'Thurston' resides in 'Ahriman's head, taking the physical form of a third eyeball upon his forehead. It can provide him with insights into the more darker aspects of Magic, and the world, but does not grant him any multipliers, per-say. While not stereotypically "evil" it does stoke Ahriman's rage against the injustices of the world, and quietly manipulates him. While it is forever bound to Ahriman, and is definitely dependent on his survival/success, it does attempt to sway his actions, every now and then. It shares his physical form, and because of this, should Ahriman die, the demon is banished back to the pits... 

Trait #6: 'Ahriman' is "Fire"; As a result of his untamed fire-magic and lust for power in this realm, he no longer "bleeds" or is wounded like mortal men. His blood is now boils. Whenever he is nearby, the temperature will increase ever so slightly, and will continue to increase the more he charges up his mana, not to a lethal level, but an uncomfortable one.

Trait #7: 'Ahriman' is an Adept in the school of Blood Magic; As a result of prying the knowledge from his new apprentice, he has unlocked the knowledge necessary for the use of blood magic at the adept level. He definitely finds this tactic dishonorable however, and is sparing its use. His focus would be more so defense against it being used against him, with a small bit of his mana pool always focused on its internal defense. This of course would be useless against the undead, and vampires.

Trait #8: 'Ahriman' is a novice in the school of Lightning. Having been attacked with lightning numerous times, in addition to studying up on it's usage, Ahriman has a baseline knowledge in its practice and application. Normally using it to supplement his normal arsenal of magics.

WEAKNESS TRAITS: For every weakness... There is a strength

Trait #1: 'Ahriman's Possession: Ahriman is highly susceptible to "Holy" magic, due to the presence of a demon within him. In addition to slowly draining his mana pool, nearby "Holy figures" will begin to physically weaken Ahriman, to the point where he should retreat. This places him at a severe disadvantage, and as such, he faces a negative multiplier when such figures are nearby.

Trait #2: 'Ahriman' is Primarily a Fire Mage; Because of his natural connection to fire, and his insistence on using such magics, Ahriman will face a negative multiplier when engaging Water/Ice Mages. Should he be wounded, he has the chance to heal himself with fire incarnate, but this would drain his mana pool to an unsustainable level, and leave him open to further attack. In addition, Wind Mages have the potential to send some of 'Ahriman's spells out of his control, due to the nature of wind and fire acting in conjunction. While not facing a negative modifier per-say, it could result in unintended consequences... 

Trait #3: 'Ahriman' is not a fighter. As evident from his fight with Turvin, Ahriman is certainly no melee fighter. Should he be engaged in close combat, he will face a massive negative multiplier when attempting to cast, or even use melee attacks. While he has a baseline knowledge of how to utilize swords and shields (of the arcane variety) a guard could easily subdue him up close.

ARTIFACTS: Ahriman possesses two specific artifacts that, while do not effect his mana pool, they effect his usage of various magics.

"The Seeds of Destruction": Refines Fire Magic

"The Eye of Acriamol": Refines Psionic Magic (Absorbed)


Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family

'Thurston': While I sometimes do not understand some of the things you tell me, nor do I fully know your intentions, you are the closest thing I've had to a family. I am honored to share this body with you.

'White-Mage': While you have cost me a bit of time... I do not consider you an enemy. You have potential. A pawn, perhaps? You are a cocky bastard, but do not think your little victory over me is indicative of anything but blind luck You have earned my respect.  I hope you forgive me for pissing on you... 'Thurston' thought it would be funny.

Enguerrand Van Meygroot: My apprentice... You have the potential to be a valuable ally in the wars to come. However, you have yet to earn my trust. Perhaps more poking about your psyche will yield me your true intentions.. Your mental barriers are strong. You have earned my trust, and I would be honored to have you serve me.

'Zergath': Apparently, my nemesis in the area. The being I am intent on killing. He is very powerful, and possesses an army of the undead... He is a worthy adversary, and to be honest... It will be one helluva fight whenever him and I inevitably come to blows. He tried to take Thurston from me... He will die for this, in as much pain as I can dish out. But I need to get stronger.

'Captain Bones': Not even worth my time. I'm going to keep blasting this creature back into oblivion every time I come across its pathetic form.

'The Baron': A pawn in my game... But a necessary one. My interaction with you could go both ways, for your sake, you should hope it goes the positive one, where you give me what I want.

'Iron': A valiant warrior, you have earned my respect, guard. While I do not appreciate your holier than thou attitude, I will tolerate it, for now.

'The Smith': One of the few mortals that I associate with on a regular basis. He is old, and, quite frankly extremely wise. Perhaps he too will be an ally in the wars to come...

'Sir Gerald Ashwood': Another valiant warrior. Perhaps a more educated and skilled pawn in my great game... I shall see about hiring his group to assist me in killing Zergath once and for all.

'Selvalaren': He is another lightheaded Druid, full of these delusions of granger. He cannot even hope to beat Zergath, so he should stop pretending he can. If I play this right, he could be an effective pawn in my game.... He is a powerful warrior, but he saved my life...

'The Chameleon': Creature. I am done playing these games with you. You continue to attack me for little to no reason, and interfering in my plans. You had better hope the next time we meet I am in a good mood, or you will find yourself burning alive to the backdrop of me annihilating your little forest den. Tread carefully, spawn of Jestos.


"I'm not very nice..."


Humble Beginnings: The being known as Ahriman was born a bastard to a poor bar maiden in the South of Roman controlled England. While nothing spectacular, no riches, no grand plans for life, something particular happened on the day of his birth, a sign, possibly signifying his destiny quite literally shot across the sky. The Crimson Comet, an eldritch sign heralding doom streaked across the sky. While most of his village was superstitious and would not dare go outside, or to work, his mother, a simple bar wench was not. And when you’re a single mother working as a “waitress” in those times, every day is bring your kid to work day. Regardless, something that will forever mark history as a dark day happened. A demon, imprisoned in the comet since time immemorial leapt from its eternal prison into the soul of the baby. Doing so sapped all of its immediate strength, and for better or worse, its very being was woven into the child, a curse of connection. It could no longer manifest itself in the physical world. . Its origin unknown, but it was not inherently “evil”. Perhaps it lost a celestial war long ago. Perhaps it was punishment of a laughing, cruel God. Whatever it is, it is lost to the ages, and it certainly is not talking.  To Ahriman however, the physical effects became known almost immediately. His eyes were a burning red, and a “cut” appeared on his forehead.  The demon would slumber inside of him for many years, not manifesting itself until ‘Ahriman’ was a young boy, around the age of ten.

Exile: As the child grew older ‘Ahriman’ could “feel” his mana presence, something entirely new to him, and while he would have no idea about magic anything beforehand. Around this time, Thurston woke up, and while being dismayed at being entombed within a mortal male for all time, he decided to make the most of the situation. The “creature” that now inhabited Ahriman’s thoughts and spirit “spoke” to him taught him many things. It would converse with him, teach him things, slowly unveil the sad reality that is his life to the impressionable child. There was injustice in the world. Men in chains. Horrible things. While this certainly jaded the child, it presented Thurston with an opportunity to be powerful once more. Using the large mana pool within the child, that had been a byproduct of his possession, and the natural occurrence at birth, Thurston would teach Ahriman the ways of magic, and in doing so, tear the world asunder, and rebuild a better one. Implanting the knowledge of Fire Magic and spells into him at a worrying rate. ‘Ahriman’ began to be more influenced by Thurston, learning the arcane and the unholy art of Magic, and the darker mysteries of the mortal realm. Eventually during his middle teen years, he began to openly display his “gifts”, being a benefit to his small village in whatever way he could. However, his village was still wary about magic, as uneducated most of the villagers were it was easy to become superstitious. This rubbed off on their interactions with him to the point where his own mother would treat him with disdain. No matter. Eventually it got to the point where ‘Ahriman’ was content with his power, and his study, so he began treating those around him with contempt. He displayed bravado, and arrogance that was completely out of character for him. So the elders convened, and voted to exile him. A combination of his unnatural presence, and contempt for authority led to this, but he was already a man, so he left without a struggle. However, he still found himself hating them for not understanding the power he wielded. He had only ever used it to help them, yet they were afraid, and cast him out. He was unsure what to do, and for a few days, Thurston remained silent, not providing the calm advice he had often given Ahriman in his youth. A near death Ahriman was starving in the countryside, having been abandoned by all, seemingly. He could not bring himself to beg, borrow, or steal, and even with all of his magical prowess, he could not conjure basic necessities such as food, or water. However, as he lay down to leave this cruel world, the scar on his head opened up, and a red eye was visible, a third eye, right on his forehead. Is he still human? Thurston would speak to him once more, directing him to an abandoned keep, nearby. Within it, lied pickled food-stocks that nourished Ahriman’s mortal shell, and in doing so, kept Thurston alive. It took a few days for Ahriman to regain his strength. However, something had changed within him. He was no longer the idealist child from before, but rather, a darker, more bitter man who only saw evil in the world. Man, elf, and beast had cast him out, and allowed him to starve and suffer. No more. He would use his gifts to make the world anew, or die trying.

Knowledge is Power: The first thing Thurston instructed ‘Ahriman’ to do was locate the ‘Eye of Acriamol’, a powerful artifact rumored to possess psionic magic amplifiers. Such an artifact was easy to find, as ‘Ahriman’ had become quite the scholar in his time exiled. He located it, and after vaporizing a group of pacifist monks guarding it, he obtained the eye. Thurston told him to place it around the third eye on his head, and almost immediately it was absorbed. Thurston explained that it granted him immunity from mages that wished to read/influence his thoughts, and also granted him the ability (or rather, Thurston, demons aren’t exactly honest) to influence those around’s thoughts to a certain extent. After a hasty retreat, they were camping out near a cave, when ‘Ahriman’ accidently cut himself with a small hunting knife while he was cooking some rabbit. To his surprise, he did not bleed. He burnt. Boiling blood came out from his skin, and fizzled on the ground. All that could hear is Thurston’s laughter as Ahriman quite literally blew up in anger. He was pissed, suffice to say. He didn’t stop to think that a Demon inside of him was not exactly a positive, even if they had become “close” over the years. ‘Thurston’ calmed Ahriman down, and explained there was an artifact to the North that could enhance his Fire Magic, and refine its usage. Along with providing him some sort of stability should he meet an untimely end. ‘The Seeds of Destruction’, rumored to be the Gauntlets used by a Fire Elemental himself. So he quested to the North, being uncannily guided by Thurston, who knew a lot more (obviously) on the artifact than he was letting on. When Ahriman arrived, he found himself at the base of a frozen volcano that, oddly enough, contained lava that was cold to the touch. ‘Ahriman’ found himself weakened by it, but nonetheless descended into the volcano. At the bottom he found a stone tabernacle with a pair of shining red gauntlets upon them. He put them on, and almost immediately they attached to him. He tried to take them off to no avail, but Thurston explained that his fire power (no pun intended) was now refined and amplified. It took only a second for Ahriman to accept the change. But the gauntlets did something else. They allowed Thurston to influence Ahriman more so than before. Not quite a puppet, but his voice was louder. Friends or not, definitely not an ideal situation. Regardless, ‘Ahriman’ ascended in a pillar of flame back up to the top, before descending the base. He felt emboldened. No. Godlike. For once in his life he did not feel weak or insignificant. Much to the glee of Thurston, he was on the warpath. Whatever these artifacts had done to his mind, it was not good.

Through Fire and Flame: While Ahriman was certainly not the only Mage in the world, he was definitely up there with the most powerful. When it became apparent (after laying waste to an English garrison near the ruins of Hadrian’s wall) that such a Mage was on a warpath against what he considered the oppressors of the world he knew, he found himself beset on all sides. He was confronted by a small army of Elf and Briton, with many mages scattered through their ranks. What happened next was a battle that would be told throughout the ages. ‘Ahriman’, wielding his unholy arcane might, fighting against Elf and Roman whose sole purpose was to contain or kill him. They did the former. Unable to combat such raw number or arcane might, or rather unwilling to pay the ultimate sacrifice. So in the heat of battle, he utilized a powerful spell that whisked him away from the battle in a blazing ball of fire. He fled. Coward. Ashamed. Broken. He cast a powerful psionic spell that erased the knowledge of him from the attackers, effectively erasing him from existence. This spell weakened him to a decent extent, so he hid out in the North.

NOW:  While ‘Ahriman’ lives, he is slowly realizing that “his” plans to bring the world to heel could not be accomplished until he grew in power, so he waits, biding his time. Interacting with the local populace. None of whom know his power, or understand the threat brewing. The world will be liberated under his banner, or he will die in the search for the power to make this a reality.

Later: The Necromancer Zergath presents an interesting threat to Ahriman... While he certainly is as powerful, if not more powerful than 'Ahriman', their battles often result in 'Ahriman' taking risks in regards to darker magics. He almost lost control at the Battle of Salus Bridge, and almost fried the entire party in daemonic fury. Thurston pays this no mind though. The price of power. Is he evil? The thought would race through his head on multiple occasions. Evil would imply intent. His intent is not evil. He genuinely believes he can save the world. Maybe. But what happens when Zergath dies, and his party turns against him? Death, probably. Falling.

Personality Tarot: The Magician

'Ahriman' is "The Magician". Representing action incarnate, and the spearhead to the heart of his own destiny. He acts, and obtains results. The card stands for action, capability, enterprise, merit, and results. On the negative side however, he has a tendency to be brash in his actions, regardless of 'Thurston's wishes. In addition, he seeks status, and has a tendency to underestimate his foes and those around him. Obsessed with seeking power.


Before the fall...

"'Ahriman'... You should have thought about that before you did it."

Backstory: A champion spawned by the ancient ones to protect Kasai, the Goddess of Fire. He was her most valiant warrior, defending her realm in the aether against all threats, stoking her eternal fire, and ensuring its defense. However, her son Koros distrusted Thurston, and as such, made every attempt to make him appear power-hungry, and proud to Kasai. Eventually, Thurston, fully acknowledging Koros's plan challenged him to a duel. It was an impossible fight. There was simply no way a mere Champion could hope to defeat a God. Before the final blow was struck, Kasai intervened. Instead of allowing Koros to execute her Champion, she banished him to "The Crimson Comet" a red comet with blazing tail seeped in magical energy, saving his "life", but imprisoning him for all time. He was entombed within it for what seemed like an eternity. However, Jestos, the God of Chaos saw this as an opportunity to cause mayhem and havoc within the physical world, and loosened Thurston's chains. However by this point he was no Champion, he had evolved in a full fledge demon. Consumed in his hatred for Koros his pure entity was corrupted. It was of no concern to Jestos. Thurston quickly took the opportunity to escape his prison, and was flung to the physical world. Not possessing a physical body within the physical world meant almost certain death for the lesser beings of the aether, so he latched on to the closest human he could find. Ahriman. He lied dormant within the child, stoking a lust for power and conquest, before unintentionally orchestrating his banishment from his village by altering his form to one that was unnatural to the simple townsfolk. He taught 'Ahriman' the way of Kasai, and instructed him in the ways of Fire and magic. Over time, they became friends. While this is just their souls beginning to merge Thurston has come to respect 'Ahriman's resolve, and aids him with divine knowledge in his many battles. While 'Ahriman' represents the will for liberation from the jaws of oppression, 'Thurston' represents the power needed to make that dream a reality.

Now: He takes the form of a third eyeball on 'Ahriman's forehead. Non-physical in nature, it would move on its own. Occasionally, when the threat is high enough, Thurston's more power-mad nature that he gained from his imprisonment will take root in 'Ahriman's physical form. His natural eyes would close, leaving only 'Thurston' in control. While in this form 'Ahriman' gains an insight into the more chaotic magics of the world... as is the nature of demons. While normally these magics would corrupt 'Ahriman', 'Thurston' takes the brunt of it, considering he is already fallen it does nigh.


'Thurston' is an Expert in Chaos Magic: While he was a warrior in his past life, no more. He is a conniving being dedicated to the idea of power. This magic is only an extension of his hunger. While he uses it sparingly, afraid for a blowback that could harm 'Ahriman's physical form, he posses the ability to do so.

'Thurston' is stubborn/enraged: While normally calm, cool, and collected while providing 'Ahriman' advice within his human mind, whenever he chooses to make an appearance, he is the epitome of rage and anger. He sees all threats as obstacles against his and 'Ahriman's true goals, and responds to them in kind. Whenever this form is assumed it is extremely hard to reason with him. However, following Zergath's assault on 'Thurston' he is more careful with making appearances.


As a result of Zergath's recent attack on 'Ahriman', it became apparent that a Lich like entity could assault Thurston directly by attempting to drag what remains of his psyche out of 'Ahriman's head. While the attack failed, it was only due to the combined assault on Zergath by two other powerful mages. Should Zergath have succeeded, there is no doubt that both 'Ahriman' and 'Thurston' would have ceased to be in the forms known currently.

Holy Magic: By definition, Holy magic is more effective against 'Thurston' than 'Ahriman', and while taking control of 'Ahriman's physical body Thurston is far more susceptible to it.

//OOCLY: While I understand a good amount of the lore has yet to be written, I was given the rough time period of the server, and wrote some historical stuff in relation to it. While I am unsure the role that elves, demons, and man have overall, I feel that it is but a formality. In terms of objectives...Throughout his life Ahriman has only seen oppression. Be it against common-folk, or magic users. He figures himself as some sort of great liberator, that for now must bide his time and build up strength. That being said however, he is still definitely a "bad dude" -- As mentioned above, the ends will always justify the means, ergo the brutal means of carrying out his quest. However, should a cause be pure enough, Ahriman will not hesitate to assist. If anyone has any questions, I'm in discord! I look forward to roleplaying with all of you.


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