Baron Gerald Ashwood

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Baron Gerald Ashwood

Post by KhaHaen on Sun May 13, 2018 2:20 am

Baron Gerald Ashwood wrote:
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."


A figure standing 6'0'' with a muscular physique and amber eyes. He is clad in a full set of High-Tier Chainmail Noble Armor with a distinct black sword sheathed on his side and a reinforced round shield on his back. He bears the mark of House Ashwood on his chestplate. He has a deep voice and speaks with a formal tone.


Eldritch: Born strong and diligent, he was a natural prodigy when it came to regular combat but Ashwood was not capable of formulating magic to a high degree. Upon studying for methods to fight against magic, he discovered another natural trait of his; his fluidity with Eldritch Magic. Though not being able to cast other types of spells effectively, his Eldritch magic was potent and extremely strong. (He get a +15 modifier to Eldritch Magic, but cannot cast spells from any other categories.)


Expert Swordsman: Highly trained with a blade and shield ever since he was a boy.
Expert Hand to Hand Combat: Highly trained in hand to hand combat.
Expert Arcane: Highly trained in the usage of Arcane Magic.
Expert Eldritch: Highly trained in the usage of Eldritch Magic.


Intellectual: This character is educated but does not mind lower-class peasants.
Ambitious: Strives to achieve the best future for himself and his order.
Leadership: Respected by his peers and by his men for his capabilities as a leader.
Strategist: Quick to draw ideas and plans.
Vengeful: Seeks revenge for the murder of his father and for the corruption of his people.

Leopald Necker: Comitted himself to the Blackguard. A man of god, certainty, but his heart is good.

'Selvalaren': A druid of good nature. Simply wants to see his forest and the animals within his dwelling taken good care of. Has helped me numerous times and healed me when needed.

'Ahriman' The Red: Lesser of two evils, claims to be a "lawful evil". From what I've experienced, he's saved the lives of many. I do not trust him though.

Everyone else not listed: Self explanatory. Havent met, encountered or spoken with thoroughly.

'Zergath': Stinks of death. Corrupted. Attacked the town and its people. His underlings attacked me as well.

'Captain Bones': Rotten age old skeleton in full plate armor attacked me and three others, including the druid. High use of Arcane magic and was indeed a powerful foe. Managed to nearly break my legs.


As the Knight Commander, it is my responsibility to ensure the future of the order. All men within the order are under my protection and they are responsible for upholding their oaths.

As the new Baron of Salus, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety and future of the town and its people. The City Watch is under my command.


Led by 'Ahriman' The Red, I call them The Red Capes because they wear red capes. They consist of 'Ahriman' and his underlings. Their intentions may be for seeking power and knowledge.

Seeks for the destruction of mankind, pillaging whole towns and villages. This cult reminds me of the ones in my home town and it brings back bad memories of my past.


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